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Pricing & Offer

We give all first time customers a 20 percent discount for any styling services you need from us. We also offer a free haircut if you refer us a customer. We know once you try us you will be back and send us friends who also want to look great.

Hair cut <em>$7</em>

Hair cut $7

Children under 5 get free styling
Hair dry <em>$4</em>

Hair dry $4

Military personnel and veterans get 50 % off any styling services.

Styling gel <em>$2</em>

Styling gel $2

Call us today and let us make you look amazing.
Hair curling <em>$5</em>

Hair curling $5

Make us your go to place for looking great

Hair streighten <em>$11</em>

Hair streighten $11

College students get 20 % off styling services
Special styling <em>$15</em>

Special styling $15

We can also do special styling requests.

Men's haircut <em>$5</em>

Men's haircut $5

All our clients are guaranteed satisfaction with their look
Beard shaving <em>$6</em>

Beard shaving $6

Your first shave with us is free

You need to look amazing come to be BEE